Should We #DropThePlus?

By Natasha Davis

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If you’re plus size and you know it, are you proud to show it? For many women, it can be very challenging to accept your fashion industry label as a “plus-size woman.”

Recently, there has been a social media conversation concerning the negative impact of the term “plus size.” Some like Australian model Stefania Ferrario, a plus-size model who wears a US size 12, believe that “plus-size” is an offensive term that should no longer be used. She recently showed her support for the #DropThePlus movement on Instagram.

There are others, such as Sir Philip Green, the leader of UK plus-size brand Evans, who see it as a neutral label. Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, the head honcho said, “You can’t be defensive about it, or apologize about [plus-size fashion]. Why should the category be any different from petite?”

Both sides are justified in their feelings. However, it is important to keep in mind that being “plus-size” in the Western world often connotes being fat and gives an impression of negativity. Being fat is perceived as something that is abnormal, amoral and unhealthy. Without significant changes, it would be difficult for the high self-esteem of individuals to eclipse these ideological values.