Visualizing Happiness


Paris, March 31, 2015

By: Yana Blumenthal

For those who travel to Paris in April, one of the site seeing spots must be visual display at Printemps!


One the oldest building in Paris the façade of Printemps Haussmann created theme of roses and flowers in its windows.

2015-03-LesVitrines-Majeur2-Image1 2015-03-LesVitrines-Majeur2-Image2

To highlight its 150th birthday, Printemps, that also means Spring in English, has invited 11 artists from France and abroad for this special visual treat. Its emotional and beautiful! If just looking in the windows can evoke happy feelings, than the trip to Paris was worth it.


Images courtesy:

So come and experience the creativity and imagination, of talented visual displays artists – free on the streets of Paris.

Thank you Printemps for sharing this very special occasion with all of us and a happy Spring!

à bientôt


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