Why I learn more about fashion on Vice than I do on Vogue

Warning: this article contains humongous amounts of opinionated views. Read with your own pre-established viewpoint to avoid disappointment and constant eye-rolling.

First of all, what is Vice? Vice is a print magazine and website that focuses on the subjects of culture, arts and news. It self-describes its specialisation in “exploring uncomfortable truths and going to places we don’t belong“. Now, what is Vogue? It is a lifestyle magazine that covers beauty, celebrity style and fashion news of course; there is no need for any real introduction here, to be truthful.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 16.54.23

Image courtesy: Vogue.com

Let me make things clear. I do not despise Vogue per se; the writing is usually decent and one can only but admire individuals that are capable of arguing for or against a textured bun for brunch. But where’s the edge? How much interest can you have in Isabel Marant’s favourite Parisian florist? How fascinated can you be by what happens when Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are given a selfie-stick? (Spoiler alert: nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’ve just saved you 2 precious minutes of your life and you can thank me later.)


Image courtesy: Vice.com

Vice has less fashion-centered articles but when it does cover this specific area, boy does it investigate it brilliantly. My latest favourite article is entitled: “What it’s like to sell drugs at New York Fashion Week“, a Q&A with a modelling agent selling drugs on top of his job.
So whilst Vogue may give you fantastic advice and inspiration, Vice will show you the inside of the beast. Vogue has all of the tips to make you look and feel more glamorous than ever, but Vice will offer a critical stance on the current debates. And isn’t it great to know that the journalist school of immersionism is still alive and well, after all?

Olivia Kutxi

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