Since opening in San Francisco back in 1853, the iconic American brand Levi’s has been running philanthropic initiatives since way before they were popular. Whether it be funding Bay Area charities, or raising awareness for HIV/AIDS, they have always been a step ahead. In addition to these charitable endeavors, they have also taken great strides in their sustainability efforts. One of their most notable ones being Levi’s Water < Less Jeans.

This initiative streamlines their denim-making process by using less water and thus reducing waste. On average, jeans use at least 42 liters of water in order to achieve that “worn-in” look. For their Water<Less jeans, Levi’s has reworked the process so that as little as 1.5 liters are used for some jeans styles. That is a reduction of the water used in the finishing process by up to 96%.

Image Courtesy of Levi's

Since implementation in 2011, the line has saved well over 770 million liters of water – or enough water to supply drinking water for over 811,000 people for a year. Here’s to seeing what other products Levi’s will produce as they use less and give more.

Claire Clark

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