Issey Miyake AW15 “Colorscope”


By Sarah Ayache

The sources of gravity that continuously pull people to Paris Fashion Week are the shows that go beyond a runway presentation to showcase a memorable spectacle. The Issey Miyake show on March 6, 2015 was an experience that overtook the senses of sight and sound. It was absolute magic.

When the lights came on at Jardin des Tuileries, the live performance of Ei Wada hypnotized before the black, glossy runway came alive with silhouettes of rich, vibrant, Fall colors and textured fabrics.

The invitation, which was folded origami style, would only give an intricate clue into Creative Director, Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s artistic use of volume, drapery and pleats inspired by the 3D technique.

The finale was a sensational surprise as models donned colorful body suits with a belted mini skirt. As the belts were simultaneously undone the mini’s unfurled like origami into full-length waves and as the models twirled it was like a kaleidoscope of color was dancing down the runway.

IMG_1527 IMG_1646 IMG_1616 IMG_1605 IMG_1601 IMG_1592 IMG_1567 IMG_1560 IMG_1556 IMG_1531 IMG_1524  IMG_1581IMG_1527IMG_1667

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