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NIKE is a company that needs no introduction whatsoever. Their commitment to sustainable innovation, however, is a part of the company that I highly recommend you digging into.

They in fact have a web page dedicated to charting their performance on their mission to improving their sustainability. In a complete transparency move, NIKE set up their NIKE Responsibility page which is an interactive website available to the public. On it, they divulge all of their main concerns including things like water and energy usage, the elimination of toxic chemicals, and waste reduction. They also have made apparent the benchmarks that they’ve established for themselves and their products in terms of the environment.

NIKE’s impact on people and environments across the globe is hugely important to them. They focus mainly on their global impacts within the energy, labor, chemistry, water, waste, and communities sectors. For example, within the labor sector, NIKE found that there are an estimated 2.5 million workers that are at some level involved in their global supply chain – 1.01 million of those workers coming from the NIKE “Make” phase, or the manufacturing of their finished products. With that information, they are aiming to transform their working relationships with contract factories to incentivize changes that benefit the workers.  They are working to instill changes in their code, instigate innovation, educate the workforce, and even reward factories for their progressive achievements.

As a hugely successful global brand, NIKE understands their impact and has accepted their responsibility to be a sustainable company. Along the road to innovation, they make sure to consider the impression they are leaving on labor, communities, and the environment.

Claire Clark

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