Street Style Season

There is no doubt that any girl who’s lived in a capital city for more than two months will tell you this one universally acknowledged and approved truth: you need sneakers. I mean, you need them. They have become a wardrobe essential, even to the eyes of the sharpest and best-dressed individuals. Isn’t it evidence enough that Isabelle Marant’s wedge sneakers, combining comfort as well as a concealed heal, were such a sports-luxe sensation? You get the best of both worlds: coziness and an extra inch to your height.

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Image courtesy:

I saw the trainers trend start in London with busy commuters walking around the city, trying to get from point A to point B as rapidly as possible. Would you wear heals to achieve this goal? Certainly not. Besides, with the simultaneous rise of the health-concerned movement, sneakers have truly become an invaluable item to the 21st century earth-dweller. Street style basics have never been so ubiquitous.

Olivia Kutxi

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