LVMH RISEs Above All

LVMH. Those four letters carry high prestige, representing the luxury conglomerate that is constantly leading the way in new and emerging markets as well as in global social trends. A standout feature of LVMH however, is the high value they place on their employees and their education in the area of social awareness.

An exciting program that LVMH introduced in 2013, is their RISE, or Results in Social Entrepreneurship, program. Celebrating its first graduating class on April 16, 2014, RISE mixes two key factors, a social-responsibility project as well as a talent-developmental project. The program matches up a gifted employee from anywhere within the LVMH family, with an individual who has a business centered around a social purpose.  The business is provided the LVMH talent and together they work on growing a business plan, digital platform, or whatever the business is in need of. This process not only provides the LVMH employee with a new awareness of social issues around them, but it also gives back to the community. A mutually enriching process indeed.
Women of Made in Carcere, a company who was involved with LVMH's RISE Program

Women of “Made in Carcere” – a Company Involved with LVMH’s RISE Program

The RISE program brings about the combination of social impact with economic impact, and furthers LVMH’s mission to continue developing fully fledged leaders for tomorrow who are creative, entrepreneurial, and socially connected.  As Karin Raguin, LMVH Group Talent Manager, said in her speech to the RISE “graduates”, “RISE will give you the opportunity to contribute concretely to a project which is meaningful for you as a person, beyond your brands and beyond the group.”

Claire Clark

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