Chanel show – Sadin Nagro

During Paris Fashion week I had the pleasure of attending the Chanel show. This show was very retro encompassing the vibe and feel of the 1960s and 70s. The show was located at the Grande Palais and they completely changed the interior to replicate a casual restaurant. They called it the Brasserie Chanel. The show was extremely different from any other I’ve ever attended.

The atmosphere was charming and sophisticated and the restaurant setting made a very realistic placement for head designer Karl Lagerfeld to show off his 2015 fall designs. The real life backdrop added realness to the show. As an audience member, I was able to easily visualize what the pieces would look like in a real setting, such as the bar used in the show. I find this important because it brings back the perspective that clothes are meant to be worn in reality as well as being works of art. To emphasize the realistic setting, the bar area was completely functional and seemed to imitate a real restaurant. There were waiters walking through and taking orders and the models took their seats on leather booth seats and mingled on the counter.

The host of styles showcased at the show was labeled by Lagerfeld as the “French Collection.” Some of the  models displaying the French Collection were Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls and Kendall Jenner. They all shared a similar look wearing black headbands and dark black eye makeup. There was definitely a French style implemented in the overall look of the models.

In conclusion, the show was definitely an interesting event with the unique restaurant runway. The architecture was a smart and refreshing and the French style of the show was popular with all of those who attended.  Overall, it was a success and brilliant exhibit to show off Chanel’s fall 2015 collection.


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