#MyGoodness! Donating Your Way to Priceless Experiences

By: Fatmé Fahda – Spring 2015

Did you ever want to meet model and actress Elisa Sednaoui and spend time with her and Christian Louboutin at his studio? MyGoodness.com can make it happen. The website offers exclusive access to celebrities through an innovative fundraising process that allows participants to donate to a variety of causes in order to win a chance to spend time with A-list stars.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 12.43.31 PM

If you donate to The Elisa Sednaoui Foundation via MyGoodness.com, you will help support creative learning projects for children and will be entered to win a trip to Paris, during which you will meet Elisa Sednaoui and Christian Louboutin at his studio. Louboutin will dish the secret behind his red soles and will send the lucky winner home with a pair of stilettos, signed by the designer himself. After that, the duo will whisk the winner away to Darphin for a VIP spa treatment before a fun evening at the Crazy Horse.

MyGoodness.com also features a blog where they display philanthropic acts by various celebrities, models and fashion houses such as Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Stella McCartney, Valentino’s Maria Grazia Chiuri, Marni and Chopard.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 12.46.24 PM

In case you need a little incentive to be charitable, MyGoodness.com provides the ultimate fabulous motivation!

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