It’s Time to Find a Plus-size Supermodel

By Natasha Davis

Meryl, South Africa Photo from:

Meryl, South Africa
Photo from:

The search is on for the next plus-size superstar. Recently, many people have been speculating that we are in the middle of a “curvy girl revolution.” With the increased prominence of plus-size bloggers and curvy girls in Sports Illustrated, a revolution may very well be at hand.

Well, it looks like the revolution won’t be slowing down anytime soon because three of the top plus-size modeling agencies in the world have just teamed up to find the next curvy bombshell. MiLK management (UK), Bella (Australia) and Natural Models (USA), with help from the plus-size bible, SLiNK magazine, have launched The International Curve Model Search (ICMS).

In the hope of discovering an unknown model from any country, the search is being conducted on the web. Submissions are being accepted until May 15, and the winner will receive a contract with these three prestigious agencies, a cover with SLiNK magazine and other fashion and beauty prizes. Check out the full list of rules and the application. Who knows where the next great plus-size model will come from?

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