50 Shades Of Nicole

Hair colour as a fashion statement was one of the strongest trends in 2014, and we’re not quite done with it just yet. It’s still going strong, as a matter of fact. Two of the greatest precursors were Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie – and the latter are flaunting their pastel-perfect hairdos even today.

Image courtesy: iheartnicole.us

Image courtesy: iheartnicole.us

Richie has been known to vary the shades and what one ought to admire, here, is the impeccable styling of the hair and the outfits. This is no easy task. Clearly, these are conscious decisions, not just lucky coincidences, and the effort is praiseworthy to say the least.

It is however worth noting that pastel hair is a risky business for us, mere mortals. We should probably bear in mind that these celebrities can afford their regular $10K visit to the hairdresser to keep their colour fresh and fancy – whilst most of us cannot. So if you want to have a go at this wonderful trend, do it at your very own perils; you may find yourself dealing with some outrageously bland roots… but hey, you can always try to pass it off as an ombré.

Olivia Kutxi

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