Waking the Sleeping Beauty

“A sleeping beauty,” that’s how Shaw-Lan Wang, Lanvin owner, described the label when she welcomed the one and only Alber Elbaz to the Lavin family. She gave him the daunting task everyone was waiting for, to awaken the brand.

While putting together the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition at Palais Galliera that is what kept Elbaz inspired. “The exhibition is whispering. It’s so silent,” says Elbaz to WWD’s Miles Socha during a walking tour of the exhibit.

Along with curator Olivier Saillard, Elbaz chose to display the wearable treasures mostly from the 20s and 30s. The gowns lied flat in propped open mirrored cases, reflecting the ornate ceiling and confirming to the viewer the inimitable brilliance of the couturier that is Lanvin.

Sunday March 8th was the opening, showcasing 110 dresses, all quietly elegant, in a manner that only Lanvin can pull off. In a wold of overly decadent look-at-me fashion, Lanvin has always managed to shine in the most subtle of ways.   “It’s light, very feminine, timeless, never overpowering,” says Saillard in an interview with WWD.

Although it is a period exhibition, many of the pieces seem like there are not a century old but could be seen down haute couture runways today. The show demonstrates the drastic change in in fashion after 1910, becoming more modern and relevant.

The showcase marks the house’s 125th anniversary. Because it represents a specific period Elbaz intentionally left out his designs for the house, leaving the spotlight to the founder. The homage includes photos, scrapbooks, and the iconic triptych mirror she used in her office.

Over 100 years ago in 1889 Jeanne Lanvin created her Parisian boutique on Rue Boissy d’Anglas. Since then she has created a fashion house that become and will remain iconic.

Lanvin at the Palais GallieraLanvin at the Palais GallieraLanvin at the Palais GallieraLanvin at the Palais GallieraLanvin at the Palais Galliera

By, Francesca Cretella

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