PFW 2015- Not Suitable for Work

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.54.27 AM

They told us there would be a show; they failed to mention that it would be a “Peep Show.”

MTI4NTEwMzQ2MjEzMjM1MTY2We get it though. We know why the designers throw in a small “tatas” display on the catwalk- it grabs our attention, it provoke us, it makes us question whether our society is too conservative. Is this art? Or is this just another form of marketing their brand? I’ve been to the south of France and their nude beaches; in fact I’ve grown up right by the San Francisco and their nudist scenes, but those naked bodies do not provoke. What is it though; when a woman with a size 2 waist, an A-cup, and long spider-like legs who shows off her natural cleavage makes the audience go into a shock? MTI4NTEwMzQ2NDgxNjgyNDQy

French-born designer Simon Porte Jacquemus changes up the game for PFW 2015. The 24 year-old’s designs are more than risqué, actually to the point where his creation shouldn’t be put on social media. His ensembles are literally girls with masks, black pants or a printed skirt, and a see-through top. I’m sorry, my mistake, not see-through shirts, they’re just topless. But Jacquemus may be more cleaver than the average 20 year-old. His humor on Instagram compliments nude designs, in fact Jacquemus takes filtering to a whole new level by adding stickers to cover up any nudity. Personally, it feels more of a pop-art type appeal, an Andy Warhol spinoff, just a lot more crude.


And there is Balmain, a classical player in the world of haute couture. Head of design is Olivier Rousteing and although they showed a little “boobies” here and there, the Balmain runway does not come off as a peep-show. He very keeps it modest- with a small twist. Models sport bright colored shirts with high necklines, lower skirt hems, and over-sized jackets. And although sheer, Balmain masterpieces are without a doubt art- nothing too brute for any age group. Although, I wouldn’t recommend his outfits for work unless you plan on making a spectacle, in that case you may as well wear one of Jacquemus’ ensembles. 3-balmain

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