FW15 Wanda Nylon Presentation

What is behind that curtain?“, whispers a voice as the lights eclipse. Last night, 8th March 2015, Wanda Nylon revealed its AW15 collection at the Éléphant Paname, a few streets away from the Opéra Garnier.


Wanda Nylon is the brand that brought you the famously flawless Johnny PU biker jacket; the brand that created the perfectly polished caban Victoire; the brand that produced Rihanna’s incomparably impeccable Camille jacket. The FW15 preview had a completely different mood to anything we’d seen before.

WN went from innovative, quirky and outstanding to a more classic feel. The previous collections had a Space Age and Rudi Gernreich feel to them, which left me lusting for more: clean cuts, elegant silhouettes and a minimalist colour scheme. 21st century ready-to-wear at its finest.

The few pieces that were revealed last night lacked some of the above-mentioned qualities. I wasn’t particularly keen on the colours, which were drastically different compared to the previous monochromatic character that I loved so much (although some of the black garments presented that evening were admittedly very neat).


The most wonderful part of the preview, nonetheless, was the use of the Lumières exhibition at the Éléphant Paname. The models were encircled by a rain-like curtain of water, which framed the presentation eminently and fitted the overall theme of weather-proof outerwear conspicuously.



Olivia Kutxi

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