TRAVEL STYLE: Staying glam on an international flight

By Sarah Ayache

No matter if you’re flying coach or in a private jet, when traveling international it takes a bit of effort to look fresh after the jet set journey to your destination. Recently, I made a trip across the Atlantic from Paris to New York where I had just enough time to drop my luggage at my Manhattan hotel and hail a cab to make my meeting. That meant no time to shower, no time to re-do hair and makeup and certainly no time to nap. Here are my tips for flying in style:

  • Drink water: I don’t mean just drink water on the plane. Start water2hydratingyourself 24-48 hours before your trip. Cabins get extremely dry after being in-flight for a while and it’s easy to get dehydrated. Staying hydrated reduces jet lag and helps keep your skin looking fresh so you look your best upon arrival.
  • Primer: If you’re not already wearing makeup primer daily, taking an international flight is a good time to start. A primer will help keep your makeup in place longer and can also keep your skin from looking oily. I recommend: By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Primer


  • Hold the mascara: I know. Mascara is the one beauty item you can’t leave home without. But inevitably on a long distance flight you will fall asleep and smudged mascara is not an easy fix. Wear your oversized celebrity butterfly sunnies to the airport (like these Versace shades) and keep your mascara in your carry-on beauty bag (see below)
  • Carry-on beauty bag: When flying, I always carry two beauty bags. One holds the majority of my products, which can generally be checked. The second is a smaller bag that can fit easily into my tote like the Henri Bendel bag below. In it I put my brushes, foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. This gives me easy access for a quick touch up when I land.


  • KarlsweatpantsStylish and comfortable outfit: Refer to Karl Lagerfeld’s theory on sweatpants and wear something comfortable yet stylish to fly in. Airports are the meeting places for interesting, wander lusting, globetrotters like yourself so make sure you’re wearing something you can feel confident in. Black jeans, a simple v-neck t-shirt and an oversized cardigan are a good place to start. If you’re flying long distance never wear your meeting outfit in-flight. Keep it neatly folded at the top of your suitcase or in your hanging luggage bag for a fast change.


  • Touch-up time: Immediately after exiting the plane, head for the nearest powder room instead of going directly to baggage claim. There is always a considerable amount of time between when you land and when your bag actually circles the carousel. Use that time to pull out your small beauty bag for quick touch-ups. You will look as fabulous for your arrival as you did your departure.

What are some of your international travel tips?

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