Gotta be smart

Paris, March 6, 2015
by Yana Blumenthal

The fastest selling gadgets in history are smartphones. The first generation iPhone was released in 2007, and 8 years later half of world’s population owns a smartphone, and can’t imagine life without it!

In fashion there are forward thinking brands that reach their customers through digital innovations. Designer Rebecca Minkoff and eBay inc. developed a digitally connected store, in NYC. The simple concept combines physical shopping and e-commerce. The store located in the trendy Soho area, has a large mirrored display, mounted on the wall. Upon entering the store the customers can interact with the connected wall, by touching the screen, to request associates to prepare fitting rooms, order drinks, and even change the environment’s lighting. Customers can enter their information, and receive a text as soon as their drink is ready.


Image courtesy: Business Wire

In Europe Digital Showroom was launched by Tommy Hilfiger, in Amsterdam. “Our digital showroom revolutionizes the buying and selling journey for our retail customers and internal sales teams,” said Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger.

Similar to Minkoff’s connected wall, Hilfiger’s digital showroom interacts with customers though a large interactive touchscreen table that connects to a four-meter-high wall-to-wall grid of ultra-high-definition 4K screens.


Image courtesy: Evigo

The future promises more connected stores targeting Millennial generation, they will suggest entire outfit to try, view head-to-toe looks, suggest the best colour for your complexion, check availability, and create custom orders.

The future of shopping is smart and we are already living it!

à bientôt

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