A Digital Peek into Paris Fashion Week

Social media is changing the speed of information. Print newspapers and magazines are no longer the first to publish the latest news and events. Instagram has become an easy way to show an insight into the exciting life of celebrities and bloggers. Let’s take a look at 3 different Instagrammers who can give you a unique look into Paris Fashion Week.

1 – With quite an active Instagram account during fashion week, Women’s Wear Daily posts anything from videos of the runway, celebrity spotting and close-ups of the pieces being shown.

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#RickOwens does glitter. #PFW

A post shared by WWD (@wwd) on

2 – While Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are active on their accounts during fashion week, it seems that their mom Kris Jenner is the more active one. Where her daughters focus on more “professional” photos or selfies, Kris posts more in-the-moment shots.

3 – Carin Olsson has in the last years made a big impression on the fashion world. Sharing her photography talent through her blog and on Instagram, she has been hired by big brands and is frequently invited to fashion events. Carin has photographed Dior events for the brand’s Instagram account on multiple occasions.

Elise Johnsen, Spring 2015

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