The Blonde Salad Chiara Ferragni

by Violetta Sturiale

Some people have great intuitions, Chiara Ferragni had it before anyone else. The Italian fashion blogger from Cremona (a small city very close to Milan) is only 28 years old, and Forbes has recently put her in the ambitious list of the “Top Millionaires Under-30”: in less than 10 years, Chiara has built a 6 million dollars company called The Blonde Salad, which started in 2007 as a simple fashion blog with pictures taken by her former boyfriend while she was strolling around Milan in her in fancy outfits.

Right now, Chiara Ferragni owns a shoe line, she recently published a book, she collaborates with several brands as a “fashion influencer and icon”, particularly with Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein. Also, she has a contract with a model agency based in LA, where she now lives with her American boyfriend, the talented photographer Andrew Arthur and she has just finished to help a group of Harvard students who created a case study on the “Blonde Salad” phenomenon. She really has it all.


Some people criticize Chiara Ferragni’s life because it might seem superficial and without a real goal. I recently saw an interview of her and I had a complete different impression about her career and her aspirations: her job is a real business, she is a really humble person but of course her “personal recipe to survive” includes a spoon of self-confidence that it is necessary in certain environments.

images (1)

To me, Chiara Ferragni represents the importance of intuitions in business and in fame: she was able to anticipate a movement and the trend of fashion bloggers.

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