Valentino looks East

Paris, February 19th, 2015

by Yana Blumenthal

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli vision of Haute Couture is East Slavic, mainly Russian and Belarusian!

How interesting that in the midst of sanctions against Russia, Valentino’s designers found an inspiration in traditional Russian-Belarus folklore costumes.

The idea of a simple Belarusian peasant dress is transformed into luxury but sill effortless ensemble, needlepoint embroidered linen jackets and skirts, flowers appliquéd.



Images courtesy:

Designers have revived the Russian tsarevna luxury gown, conserving traditional colours of scarlet and burgundy. 



Images courtesy:

“In some ways, you are flying when you are in love,” said Maria Grazia Chiuri 

What a great way for the brand to be inspired by the rich East Slavic cultures and more than that to be in love with them creations.

Well brava, we love you too Maria! From ever-growing Russian, Belarusian customer base.

à bientôt


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