Copenhagen, an Underestimated Fashion Capital

Once you can come to terms with the piercing Scandanavian cold, Copenhagen is an understated gem, just as fashionably relevant as Paris, if not more.


“They are just ahead here,” says Jesse Rubenstein, a fashion student studying abroad in Copenhagen, “There are so many local boutiques and designers that are completely original, inexpensive, and sell amazing, quality clothes,” she continues.

Although walking down the huge pedestrian shopping mecca Strøget you will find H&M, Zara and other international chains, in the quieter and less crowded side streets you will see vintage stores, with classic designers and new ones, jewelry shops that sell avant-garde pieces and some local boutiques.


Envii, is another one of the many shops that is only found in Denmark. Most pieces are minimalist in neutral colors, yet made with high end fabrics and daring cuts. Each piece is a statement. “This was definitely my favorite shop. Besides the great selection of clothes, the prices are also very affordable,” says Rubenstein.


Moss Copenhagen is a small chain that sells comfortable but lively pieces. Their over-sized coats and comfortable sweaters allow for everyday sportswear while not losing an edge.

Between the pristine streets, divine cuisine, cutting edge fashion and timeless art, Copenhagen is proving to be not only the capital of Denmark but the capital of Europe’s youth culture.

by, Francesca Cretella

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