Warby Parker: Doing Good Is In Their DNA

A brand such as Warby Parker views CSR not as an outside notion, but as the very core of what they do. Warby Parker focuses on a commitment to their craftsmanship without the expense of style. Through this, they have built a foundation with their consumer upon their commitment to sustainability, while staying in line with their consumer’s values and wants.

Along such a model like that of the TOMS brand, Warby Parker puts the consumer at the center of their company mission of corporate social responsibility.  The consumer buys a pair of glasses, Warby Parker makes a monthly donation to nonprofit partners, those nonprofits train individuals to give eye exams and sell glasses to their communities, those individuals go on and speared awareness and make eye-care widely available in their homes. This cycle fosters a sense of independence within developing communities.

Image Courtesy of Warby Parker

Image Courtesy of Warby Parker

Donations in themselves are just temporary, quick solutions to problems. They have been seen to lead to a culture of dependency within the communities they seek out to help. Instead of simply donating, Warby Parker’s partners help to train individuals to sell glasses at extremely affordable prices, enabling them to make a living and support themselves.

As of June 2014, Warby Parker had sold, and distributed, over 1 million pairs of glasses through their one-for-one model. This conscious retail model has become more and more prevalent in the mainstream marketplace – let’s hope many other brands follow-suit.

Claire Clark

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