The Bigger the Bush, The More Intense the Look

Frida Kahlo

If the hair is longer, thinker, darker, and coarser she may be considered the sexiest woman on the planet. Frida Kalho’s uni-brows has now infiltrated the fashion world, but cleaned up. From Cara Delavigne’s brow whose embrace the cover of Garage Magazine to wild untamed arches of Sophia Vergara, these symmetrical hair clusters are the best accessories that can make or break an outfit on the streets or on the runaway.

Garage Magazine

Joey-Healy-Headshot-C-Nadia-ItaniNever trust a woman with bad brows. Joey Healy, an architect for these bushes has the final word. “This season, let natural well-groomed brows be your best accessory…Although thin, over-worked brows were once perceived as feminine, brows today are moving towards a more masculine look….” he advises OK! Magazine. Alexander Wang conveyed that ambiguous look for this Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear with his all black collection on Valentine’s Day. The brows of his models gave them the intense look that comes with the all black studded outfits. His vampire army of pale brunettes is the perfect template to not only shows off their dark arches but also compliments the beauty of the color black.


If the fashion industry and the characters of Hollywood are going back to that Au Natural look then perhaps fashion is moving backwards. Natural dyes, organic clothing, caveman diets are trends that has been slowly creeping into society. Perhaps we should stop falling into traps of enhancing our beauty with tanning beds, cover-up, and waxing and let our bushes grow.



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