Carine Roitfeld Party- By Sadin Nagro

I had the pleasure of attending a fashion party in celebration of Carine Roitfeld. She is a famous fashion figure, and the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. She has since moved on to form her own fashion website and magazine called the CR Fashion Book. This event and party was to specifically celebrate the launch of her newest fashion book, CR Fashion Book Issue Five. It includes works with Beyoncé, Pamela Anderson, Conchita Wurst, Gigi Hadid and North West, the daughter of Kayne West.


The party was held at the amazing Peninsula hotel in Paris and was a great place to host a fabulous event. The energy and excitement was fantastic. A lot of famous celebrities made an appearance and I had the privileged opportunity to be joined in their company. The Hiltons, the Kardashian family, including Kim and Kendall Jenner were in attendance as well as many other great celebrities. Justin Beiber and also Riccardo Tisci, the creative fashion director for Givenchy,and Ciarariccardoparis were also in attendance admiring Ms.Roitfeld’s work and greeting other guests. I had the chance to make great connections and witness a lot of friendships being formed. Overall, the party was amazing as I witnessed the fashion industry develop a strong energy when all the celebrities and designers were in one place.  It was interesting to see how they share influences with one another and form friendships. The fashion industry is truly a place of support and where creative and positive minds flourish. There is a certain power and immense energy among them.


The Carine Roitfield launch of Fashion Book Issue Five was a great success and a magnificent event. It was a privilege to interact with so many celebrities and to be able to discuss interesting fashion topics. I truly felt at home, and was very honored to be an invited guest.




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