Givenchy Men’s Fashion show. By Sadin Nagro

Givenchy is an innovator and trendsetter in the fashion industry.

I had the pleasure attending a Givenchy Men’s fashion show a few days ago. It was part of the larger Paris Men’s fashion week that ran from January 21-25th.

Their strengths are found in combining functional form with design and style. This was evident during the show as they displayed strong clothing styles paired with items a person could wear every day. It was very apparent that Givenchy has an influential design, not copying or mimicking other styles. They have their own way of fashion that succeeds in every part of the world because the styles are accommodating to everyone.
Givenchy is also unique because they are considered a high end luxurious brand, and yet most of their product is very wearable every day.
Givenchy is truly a leader in the fashion world and they set themselves apart from other brands.

The atmosphere of the show was very high class and professional. There was an amazing energy that swept through the building while the models displayed the clothing on the catwalk. Behind the scenes, celebrities and fashion industry leaders gathered back stage to show congratulations to one another. In my experience, the fashion industry is like a family. Of course there’s competition outside of the shows, but when everyone comes together for a show, they all show respect and encouragement for one another. As well as the fashion industry, celebrities and famous socialites gathered to show their admiration for the Givenchy brand. Lots of celebrities wear the brand because its functional form, mixed with its design and luxurious fashion suit their needs.



From my experience at the Givenchy Men’s show, the brand, Givenchy, is truly the fashion of this moment and at the top of the fashion world.

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