Million-dollar idea or wishful thinking?

By Yana Blumenthal

PARIS, JAN 28, 2015

Paris fashion week is in full bloom, the world’s most influential designers, models, journalists and PR people are all here. Glamazone looking people are all over the city, they speak, and walk different, from everybody else. Fashionistas strike the pose on the streets of our city, très chic, très hip, très sexy!

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It got me thinking, when one is in vogue, enjoying 15 minutes of fame, watching the glamorous lifestyle of international jet-setters, no expense is spared. Everything must be first class, staying at Le Bristol, eating at Caviar Kaspia, shopping at Chanel, and Hermes, ohlala!

But this not what this blog is about, as a business oriented individual, and a grad student at The American University of Paris, I wonder, what will it take to translate the chic experience of shopping in a flagship store or wining & dining at a restaurant that has been around for 80 years, online?

You will say, it is a million-dollar idea, and certainly brands have taken their luxury products online but I still find there is to be a disconnect, between jet-setters experience, and just maxing your credit card, while in your PJs at home.

I will have to think about it, and maybe, while drinking a glass of Moët & Chandon, I will come up with some ideas, who knows…

à bientôt

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