“Les Illusions Exquises” de Rami Kadi

By Fatmé Fahda


The talented and rising Lebanese designer Rami Kadi released his Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture Collection in Paris at the Plaza Athénée, on Avenue Montaigne, on January 28th 2015. The collection, entitled “Les Illusions Exquises”, fully delivers on its whimsical theme with beautiful looks that are delicate and full of impeccable craftsmanship. IMG_1281

Image courtesy of my personal iPhone 5

A modern twist to the monochrome palette, this wondrous designer creates optical illusions through the fabrics used and through his artisanal embroidery techniques. It is evident that the main theme of this collection is a psychedelic optical illusion. The use of untraditional fabrics, such as iron metal spring, iridescent thread, mousseline, feathers, sequin, and pearls, to name a few, is what truly makes this collection unique. rami kadi

Image courtesy of my personal iPhone 5

Kadi aimed to achieve an iridescent optical illusion look from the materials he used – and this he was able to do exquisitely. To add to the optical illusion effect, Kadi used the mirror effect with the contrasting colors black and white. IMG_1255

Image courtesy of my personal iPhone 5

I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing Mr. Kadi. His favorite look from the collection is this one below as it was the most demanding look to create as it required a great amount of leather embroidery. His inspiration for the collection is the current events occurring in our world. Kadi used the colors black and white to represent the crises that are constantly occurring in our day and time; through the iridescence effect, Kadi embodies light and hope into his pieces to shine through the dark times.


Image courtesy of my personal iPhone 5

If anything similar to Lebanese designers Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, Rami Kadi, along with his intricate couture designs will soon be taking the fashion world by storm. I cannot wait to see what is next for this outstanding, up-and-coming star in the Haute Couture world.


Image courtesy of my personal iPhone 5

As quoted by Renate Kharkova, Senior Fashion Edior at Elle Russia, “when they say everything was already created in fashion – I point out artists like Rami, who never stop to explore, reinvent and whose fashion is a matter of today, modernity of today, remembering the beauty of the past.”


Image courtesy of my personal iPhone 5

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