Only a few steps away from Karl.

It’s here. The first Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week of 2015.

Just a few steps away from the American University of Paris, the Haute Couture défilé of the Chanel Spring Collection took place on Tuesday, 30 January at the Grand Palais just across the Pont Alexandre III.

Despite the cold weather, Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into an exotic magical garden in which flowers met fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld presents his Spring Collection 2015 at the Grand Palais. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA

Karl Lagerfeld presents his Spring Collection 2015 at the Grand Palais. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA

Particularly Kris Jenner seemed to be inspired by Chanel’s spring collection, as she decided to attend the show in see-through pants. Despite what the critics say, Kim’s Mum can pull it off!

Kris Jenner infront of the Grand Palais. Photograph: Tanja Fleischer

Kris Jenner infront of the Grand Palais. Photograph: Tanja Fleischer

Only a few VIPs could call themselves lucky enough to sit in Lagerfeld’s Garden of Eden, but there are perks of living in the fashion capital. The scene outside the Grand Palais was magical. Thanks to fellow amateur paparazzi, I knew exactly where to go to capture the best photos of the invited guests.

Anna Wintour decided to wear a little more than Kris Jenner and looked absolutely fabulous in her Chanel blazer and matching skirt.

Anna Wintour infront of the Grand Palais. Photograph: Tanja Fleischer

Anna Wintour infront of the Grand Palais. Photograph: Tanja Fleischer

Inès de la Fressange, a former French mannequin for Chanel was also present. In her elegant outfit that she styled up with long pearl necklaces, de la Fressange looked very chic à la Coco.

Inès de la Fressange infront of the Grand Palais. Photograph: Tanja Fleischer

Inès de la Fressange infront of the Grand Palais. Photograph: Tanja Fleischer

Thank you Paris for giving fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to take part in such phenomenal scenes. La vie est belle.

Tanja Fleischer (Spring 2015)

How to succeed in plus-sizes without really trying

By Natasha Davis

In the hustle and bustle of Spring 2015 haute couture fashion week in Paris, the frenetic energy of journalists, celebs, models and designers culminated in this, the ultimate expressions of fashion creativity. From a journey through the decades with Dior to the ethereal beauties of Elie Saab, this week was all about the dramatics of fashion.

However, fashion reality is what dominated the scene for plus-size women this week. Sans dramatics and high art, Target, the monolithic multi-brand retailer in the United States, decided to give everyone a sneak peek inside their new plus-size line, Ava & Viv, which will be available in stores in mid February.

Of course, this new line will be simple and trendy, like many of Target’s other lines. The price point will range from $10-$79.99. Although, what is almost more interesting than the clothes, are the young women Target brought in to test-drive the collection. They chose three prominent plus-size fashion bloggers: Nicolette Mason, Chastity Garner and Gabi Gregg. This highlights Target’s drive to use this line to tap a younger millennial audience that they have previously ignored.

It is a step in the right direction that a major retialer has finally deigned to give plus-size women basic and trendy options, but in light of this week’s events, it is difficult not to ask, where is the couture? Or at the very least, where are the designers?

Jean Paul Gautier will usually use at least one plus-size model in his couture shows, but he is the exception to the general rule that plus-size women do not belong in high fashion. Success in couture and high fashion is marked by innovative designs, beautiful craftsmanship and a unique point-of-view, but succeeding for plus-size women means finally being allowed to have basics.


Paul Smith Fall, 2015

Decadent furs paired with preppy high waisted trousers combined forces on Le Bourse de Commerce runway, creating an unusual energy for the Paul Smith Fall 2015 show.

Although Smith remained faithful to the brands’ aesthetic with high quality tailoring and eclectic pieces, his new collection had a particular flare that differentiated it from past seasons.


Smith, who is known for his big shapes went all out with them this season. The coats were long and over sized, mostly in camel and grey, both prominent trends this season. More unexpectedly were the enormous mink furs. The mink paired with a high waisted trouser gave an androgynous feel.


“This was definitely a move forward from last season,” says Lara Cinque, an attendee of the show and fashion student at the Fashion Institute in New York. “Between the indie rock music, and the edgy looks, it was definitely a more memorable and fun show,” she continues.

paul-smith03In contrast with his previous collections, which appealed to a more preppy buyer, this season Smith brought back his edge, only suitable enough for a rock star.  The striped silk scarves and boxy jackets gave a retro vibe.

Geometric patterns were also a theme, referencing the work of the iconic Bauhaus couple, Josef and Anni Albers.  The couple famously created paintings that seemed almost cubistic with colors in the persimmon family, These paintings are a seamless match for the Paul Smith aesthetic.

Overall Paul Smith created a collection that remained true to what its’ buyer wants while sprinkling a touch of edge and creativity.

Pharrell Collaborations : Fashion Take Over or End of an Era ?


Image via Adidas


Everyone has their own preferences, like never wearing white socks or putting extra sugar in their latte. Sometimes, there is too much, other times there is not enough.

Either if the glass if half full or half empty, one stylistic debate keeps shifting me to one side and back again.

At the cusp of 2015, Pharrell has shown us that he is still attempting a style take over with Chanel’s ‘CC the World’ campaign with Cara Delevingne, Comme des Garçons ‘Girl’ perfume, and a second run with Adidas’s iconic Stan Smith shoe after his explosive popularity with Daft Punk in 2013.

Image via Comme des Garçons x Pharrell

Image via Comme des Garçons x Pharrell

The argument really goes both ways: have the fashion collaborations gone a little too far, or is he still in the game ?

Looking back to 2013 with Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, where the song dominated every global radio station, popularity chart, and club, is where his new-age comeback was born. Immediately bouncing off of this, we saw collaborations at the end of 2013 with artist Takashi Murakami during Art Basel at Silencio, a Paris based club that hosted a pop-up event in Miami, that I was excited to attend. This was one of the first times he was able to legally perform ‘Get Lucky’ without the direct presence of Daft Punk, and he was also in the presence of his Japanese artistic collaborator Takashi Murakami, which introduced art and fashion into the ‘new’ scene.


Image via Adidas


Soon after, Adidas’s iconic shoe line, Stan Smith, was relaunching a campaign and suggested a limited edition designed by Pharrell. These were sold at Colette in Paris and in special boutiques, and were hand painted by the artist. A second campaign has recently been launched in early 2015 by Adidas and Pharrell, which is focused on a uniform pattern of polka dots (a design not similar to artist Kusama, recently featured by Louis Vuitton in 2013).

Image via Colette

Image via Colette


From phones, clothes, shoes, and contemporary art, there is even a collaboration with macaroon
company Ladurée in Paris, which was featured during ‘Pharrell’ week at Colette in 2014, when the ‘Girl’ perfume by Comme des Garçons was released in avant-premiere, and he designed the window displays on rue Saint Honoré in the Paris 1st district.

Too much? Planed move? Or strategic way to re-enter the market on both a music and fashion level? I think it’s a mix of all.

Pharrell clearly made his way back into the picture, and established his name in the style industry as well. Other artists have not even made it this far. In 2013 Kanye West attempted to have meetings with Louis Vuitton and was denied a meeting (suspected for a potential collaboration pitch).

It seems that his collaborations have passionate value for the artist as well. Clearly he enjoys street wear, a nice phone, and macaroons to snack on.

2015 will be an opportunistic year to see how Pharrell continues. Maybe it is time for a world tour? I know it would smell good, sound great, and look edgy.


William Dorn

Spring 2015

Alexandre Delima: Good Vibrations

By Violetta Sturiale

In Alexandre Delima’s latest collection there is a sense of thrilling vitality, a rhythmic and resolute female power made of clearness and minimalism.

Schermata 2015-01-29 alle 20.39.40

Delima’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the second of his career, is a tribute to the expert skills of the Haute Couture: the geometrical embroidery, the precise cuts and the precious fabrics such as crepe drapes, silk, organza and gazar, bring us in a new celebration of high fashion. The variety of colors, from the softness of the mint to the vivid shades of the pink, are make up of long and short gowns, dinner suits and tank-top dresses. The outfits are enriched by wide-brimmed hats inspired by hip-hop caps and jewel bags.

Schermata 2015-01-29 alle 20.39.57


Delima’s imagination starts with a kaleidoscope of images whose main characters are the contemporary heroines fulfilled with elegance, freedom and a scent of sophisticated appeal. His woman is the synonym of power, determination, independence and self-recognition and, even if sometimes there is a sense of incompleteness in the production of the outfits – some of them looked imprecise during the show -, the whole spectrum of the collection is clear in its purpose.

Thumbs up, Alexandre!



Million-dollar idea or wishful thinking?

By Yana Blumenthal

PARIS, JAN 28, 2015

Paris fashion week is in full bloom, the world’s most influential designers, models, journalists and PR people are all here. Glamazone looking people are all over the city, they speak, and walk different, from everybody else. Fashionistas strike the pose on the streets of our city, très chic, très hip, très sexy!

Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

It got me thinking, when one is in vogue, enjoying 15 minutes of fame, watching the glamorous lifestyle of international jet-setters, no expense is spared. Everything must be first class, staying at Le Bristol, eating at Caviar Kaspia, shopping at Chanel, and Hermes, ohlala!

But this not what this blog is about, as a business oriented individual, and a grad student at The American University of Paris, I wonder, what will it take to translate the chic experience of shopping in a flagship store or wining & dining at a restaurant that has been around for 80 years, online?

You will say, it is a million-dollar idea, and certainly brands have taken their luxury products online but I still find there is to be a disconnect, between jet-setters experience, and just maxing your credit card, while in your PJs at home.

I will have to think about it, and maybe, while drinking a glass of Moët & Chandon, I will come up with some ideas, who knows…

à bientôt