Rope Wall Yoga

While checking my Instagram yesterday I fell upon a bizarre photo of a yoga position being done while hanging from several ropes attached to a wall. I was clearly quite intrigued and went on do research to find out what this sport was all about. Instagram often seems to point or indicate to new trends, and this was one I had never even heard of until yesterday.

The practice is called Yoga Kurunta or Yoga Rope Wall, and is a variation of Yoga that uses ropes attached to a wall to emphasize movements and extensions with the suspension of the body from these ropes. This type of Yoga is especially good for people with back problems since the weight of the body in relation to gravity opens up the joints and releases pressure from them by opening them up. This form of Yoga also lengthens your spine and helps to reinforce harder to reach muscles.

All in all this practice seems to be a fun variation of the otherwise classic form of Yoga and relaxation, since the ropes give it a fun element of risk (I mean you do hang upside down after all…)

This practice however also seems to be quite rare, as very few studios offer it around the world. Despite this I did find one studio in Paris that seems to be catching up to the trend. Here is the address:

Studio Yoga Republique- 21, rue Béranger – 75003 Paris

I myself am a fan of Pilates and have always found Yoga slightly boring and slow….This however might spark my curiosity and push me to try out the new trend.


IMG_0800 IMG_3120 IMG_3345 IMG_7065


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