Say Yes to the Dress

This weekend I am heading back stateside to attend my cousin’s wedding. As the token abroad relative, I have taken it upon myself to find something undeniably Parisian to mark my grande return.

More specifically, I have tasked myself with finding the miracle gown that says “Look at me! I live in Paris.” A dress spun from hopes and dreams that reminds people that no, I am not the sister who graduated from an Ivy League school and just finished her Masters degree but I am the one living in Paris! Most crucially of all, I need a dress so conversation worthy, it distracts all attention from the fact that I am rapidly entering the 21rst year of  life sans boyfriend *because I’m living in Paris(?)*.

And if all that weren’t enough, I’m also working within the limited budget of a completely broke college student whose style mantra is, “if it isn’t $10 on the Urban Outfitters Sale rack, it can’t possibly be worth it.”

So far my search has led me to this:


No. I’m kidding. I’m totally kidding. I can’t show up in something from H&M! They have those in America!

Okay, to be perfectly honest, I actually could show up in something from H&M – I just like to torture myself with unrealistically high style expectations and the unrequited conviction that my fairy godmother will be coming at any moment now to whip me up a nice frock from my curtains and a pumpkin.

Until she comes, however, the next best thing is Naf Naf. Young and sweet, with a little bit of edge, the Paris based outfitters boast a spring collection that is perfect wedding wear and is still in the grasps of my budget. I currently have my eye on this dress which subtle enough for day wedding but still promises the spunk and charm expected from a girl who just spent a semester in Europe. Plus, I really like the color.


-Grace Aucella

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