Hipsters for Sisters

One of the fabulous things about living in Paris, capital of la mode, is its status as an international city and welcoming fashion trends from all around the world. As I was walking around the neighborhood Le Marais, I saw a young girl wearing a super fantasic ‘ fanny’ pack. I noticed she was American and immediately questioned her on the origin of this purse. She proceeded to tell me the brand Hipsters for Sisters, an environmentally sustainable company.


After getting home I grabbed my laptop to find out more. Founded in 2012 by a woman and her two daughters, the Made In LA brand creates hand-free belt bags that are stylish and well-designed. 10% of their profits go to orgnizations that help liberate and empower women in the United States. The bags are made from cruelty free fabrics and leather alternatives. They are handcrafted from soft, vegan leather and high-quality women fabrics, their belt bags are as chic as they are utilitarian.


I love seeing these new brands emerge, dedicated to using sustainable alternatives. If developing brands are now starting to take into consideration the harm which the fashion industry is having on our planet, then we are definitely on the right track.



By Camille Riviere

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