Getting cozy with the French celebs

This weekend was another rainy weekend in Paris, but who could have known, really? Well, probably each and every one of us suspected it to happen again…the clouds getting darker and darker and then the first drops of rain falling down on us to later end up in a nice rain shower. I for my part did anticipate it, even though that maybe happened unconsciously.


Rainy Paris

But let me start from the beginning. On saturday one of my Parisian friends invited me to her farewell party and what better place to choose for a party like that than a rooftop bar, I mean if we have learned anything this week then it was that the weather is super stable…Image

Le Perchoir – rooftop bar

After changing clothes twice due to weather instabilities I was finally ready to go out and the sun was actually out and shining, for now. After I arrived at the bar it was time to order cocktails and I went with a “Dark and Stormy” cocktail. The name of the cocktail seemed to become the motto of the night because the sun went away rather quickly and instead the rain was pouring down on us and every person on the rooftop was suddenly getting cozy under the 10 sqm tent and as my friends told me there were even some famous French actors sharing the tent with us…not that I would have recognized them – Gaspard Uliel, Grégoire du Palmashow et Norman. Well, for the next time I know who to look for when I am held captive by the rain and let’s be honest this Uliel guy isn’t the worst person to be trapped with (I googled him eventually).


Gaspard Uliel


By Maria Freundlieb



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