Fashion Revolution @ AUP

Yesterday was Fashion Revolution Day and not only did American University of Paris’ Fashion Track participate, we extended it from one day to four. Check out our press release, campaign posters, and photos below!!


In conjunction with Fashion Revolution Day, AUP’s MAGC Fashion Track Launches Ethical Fashion Week to highlight and celebrate Sustainable Fashion. 

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the MAGC Fashion Track is launching an Ethical Fashion Week at AUP. The program begins on Apr 24 as part of Fashion Revolution Day – a global campaign to seeks to bring transparency to the fashion industry by asking, “Who made your clothes?”

What is the the Rana Plaza incident?

Rana Plaza was an eight story garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh where many brands had their clothes manufactured. Due to terribly unsafe working conditions, the building collapsed killing 1133 people and injuring thousands more. The majority of the workers in made only $.25 per day. This horrific incident has become known as the “watershed moment” of the fashion industry and has since spawned a revolution.

Ethical Fashion Week Schedule

April 24 & 25 | Bosquet | All Day | Who made your clothes?

Today and tomorrow, we are encouraging people to turn their clothes inside out so we can pay attention to where our clothes are made. By getting us all to think about where our clothes come from, we bring awareness to the plight of garment workers around the world and give rise to our ability to to conscious consumers. This is a small start, but if enough people support conscious consumerism, we can eventually make a change in the way companies do business.Will you turn your clothes insides out?

April 28 | Bosquet | 4-5:30 PM | Where do your clothes come from?

Learn about the Indian cotton trade and the part it plays in the ugly side of fashion as we screen the documentary, Behind the Label

April 29 | Combes | 2-5 PM | Where do your clothes go?

Out with the old and in with the used! Bring in your old clothes and swap them with other students clothes in our SWAP SHOP. Learn about ways to recycle your clothing so we can lessen the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

About AUP MAGC Fashion Track

The fashion industry is an important actor in world social and economic development, yet too often fashion is dismissed as superficial or irrelevant. Launched in 2010, the fashion track within the Master of Arts in Global Communications (MAGC) provides an in-depth background applicable to careers in traditional fashion communications, as well as in several expanding and cutting-edge aspects of the industry including: the marketing of global luxury brands, the rise of ethical fashion and sustainable consumption, NGO fashion and textile production for sustainable development, cultural implications of globalized fashion the digital revolution in fashion journalism and marketing including blogs and websites. The track offers courses taught by theorists of fashion and professionals in the field. Students get the chance to explore the many facets of fashion communications.



We used Instagram to post photos of ourselves and others after changing our clothing inside out. By hash tagging #insideout and tagging @fash_rev we were able to spread AUP’s contribution to the movement and encourage others to do the same.

We even attended an event held by Fashion Revolution France at Wanderlust in the 13th arrondissement. The only stipulation to getting in was to, conveniently, wear your clothing #insideout.

– Eloisa Puentes, Marie Louise Ferguson, Alexa Pizzi, Julianne Bagley, Ruby Veridiano, Alex Swies, Alessandra Trifero

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