Spring: German desperation versus Parisian hope

After I have been in Germany over the Easter weekend, where the weather was fairly fine one day and fairly not fine the next, by that I mean that is was grey AND raining, not to forget freezing, I was full of hope that Paris had some better weather in stock for me. Because let’s be honest rainy day fashions don’t make the most fashionable people, at least not in Germany, where we just love the idea of practical clothing!


Spring in Germany


Spring fashions in Germany

So when I arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon I was quite happy that it wasn’t raining and that you could imagine the sun behind the clouds, because at least Parisian weather gives to some space for hope. When the sun eventually poked through the clouds I first started to notice what the people were actually wearing and I have to say it was quite different from what I had seen in Germany. Whereas many Germany were wearing their rain coats and rain boots, the Parisian people must have mistaken 18 degrees with something like 25 degrees. No matter where I looked I saw a lot of people getting their summer sexy on. But summer? Did I miss something while I was gone?


Spring weather in Pris


Spring fashions in Paris

A lot of girls were wearing their jeans mini skirt or their shorts and many people seemed to have lost their jackets. I mean okay, you could see the sun once in a while but short and skirts? Well, either the French have a different feel for temperature or they just value the rare hours of sun, which leads me to the conclusion that while Germans have given up on early summer weather, French people still have some hope that the sun might be there somewhere.


Maria Freundlieb


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