Don’t you hate those nights when you can’t decide which outfit to wear?  You try AT LEAST five different outfits on and yet nothing works.  You find something you hate with every pant, dress, top or shoe.  Well, good news is at the restaurant Dans le Noir it doesn’t matter what you wear considering your dinner is completely in the dark.  Literally.  You cannot see your hands, plate, silverware let alone your clothes.  You could eat in the nude and nobody would know.  Have you ever truly experienced doing a daily task in the complete dark where your eyes never adjust.  You are in total darkness for almost two hours.  The entire experience is based on touch and taste and all the servers are blind people.

There is a restaurant in Paris called Dans le Noir where you eat your meal completely in the dark.  You are not told what your food will be beforehand and do not know what the room looks like. You pick off a hanging menu in their lobby before you enter. We were given a locker to place ALL our belongings in before entering the dark room.  Before entering the room our server, Ashley, lined us up and placed our hands on the persons shoulder in front of us.  Ashley, began leading us into the dark room.  It was nerve racking at first and I did get a little anxiety.  We could see nothing.  I have never experienced darkness like that.  Ashley placed our hands on our chairs then it all began.  We were served our main course which was very good.  It was fun to try and guess what we were eating and I felt like a child eating with my hands and feeling my plate to see if it was empty.  Our table of six couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.  It was a very different experience that I did enjoy very much.  You really rely on your tastebuds for this dinner.

Photo Taken from their website.

Photo Taken from their website.

After about two hours in the dark room we were led out and could not have been more happy to see the light!  We were then given the menu and pictures of what we ate.  We guessed a few things but were way off on others.  I won’t say what we ate incase any of you reading this decide to go! It would ruin the fun.  They also have Dans le Noir in London, Barcelona and St. Petersburg. Below is the link to their website if you want to check it out and watch the video!

Alexandra Swies

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