Coachella Oh la la!

So you thought you were missing out on the Californian event of the year?

I know…You’ve been flipping through Instagram pictures and Facebook and Twitter posts trying to block out the Coachella craze that seems to be engulfing you. Well don’t despair!

Paris, being la creme de la creme of fashion and trends, decided to import a taste of this must-have event to its very heart. It might sound crazy, since Paris definitely does not possess  a desert landscape, but it is doing its best to recreate the ambiance of the festival just for you- who have been sulking behind your phone and computer screens for way too long now.

The event will take place for the first time in Paris at Café de la Presse, on 36 boulevard de la Bastille, in the 12th arrondissement. It will run through Easter weekend from 13pm on Saturday to 6am on Sunday.

The concerts might not live up to anything offered at the real thing, but the French are however setting up a young designer hippie market, flower crown workshops, nail-art, and temporary tattoo-art.

So although you won’t be in California per se, you might want to check it out and finally get your own chance to dress up and have a little hippie fun in Paris!


Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 09.22.52

I also found the Schedule for those of you who are interested in the event 😉


De 13 à 19h, vous pourrez vous balader à travers un marché de créateurs et paricipez au Ateliers Do it yourself
Manège à Trois
Amandalovevintage –
Atelier de couronne de fleurs

A partir de 17h, du Live, du live et encore du Live !
Saandia  soundcloud
PPB & KIDD bandcamp
Pad Bradpad myspace

Puis dès minuit, une nuit de folie vous attendra avec
Dj Marlow soundcloud
Villanova fan page
DJ Résident du Café de la Presse

(more info on Facebook

By Carla



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