The Kooples & The Age of Rock N’ Roll


The French contemporary retail brand, The Kooples, recently launched a creative division, TK Foundry. The purpose being to collaborate with film, music, technology, and art, crossing boundaries into other creative sectors.

To launch their new division, The Kooples partnered with Grammy winning directors Frederick Scott and Nicolas Jack Davies, also known as “Fred and Nick”, to create their first film “Today, Tonight”. The film stars actor James D. Kelly and model Martine Lervik as a 1950s biker couple Connie and Mick, in the famous north London biker Ace Café and dressed in The Kooples spring 2014 collection.

In the film, “old Mick” reminisces about the drama between him and his then girlfriend when he “risked all on a ‘record race,’ when a tune was put on the jukebox and bikers set off to finish before the track had ended. The high-voltage ride would prove their bike was capable of hitting the elusive ‘ton’ or 100mph.” The Kooples spring collection is fitting with the biker theme being inspired by the danger of the rocker subculture. The film features leather jackets, classic white-Ts, 50’s inspired frocks, and denim. Check out the video below!


By: Julianne Bagley

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