Franco-Kenyan Fashion

Ler Ligisa, which is a metaphor for “the beauty of a traditional headdress,” is a contemporary Parisian fashion brand that embodies the modern woman. Tracing back to its African roots, the company styles it designs in the ways of traditional African dress (below) and ethically sources its fabric from 100% cotton.

Khanga means to wrap (to close) and it is a decorative fabric with deep connections to the slave trade worn by women and men in the African Great Lakes Region.

Example of Khanga Fabric

Example of Khanga Fabric

Maasai Shuka is a colorful fabric that has been historically used for warmth and protection. These fabrics were recently highlighted inLouis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 Maasai inspired collection.

Maasai Shuka Exmple

Maasai Shuka Exmple

Kikoy, a swahili word meaning wrap around or loin-cloth, is yet another colorful fabric, native to Kenya and has traditionally been used my men in hot climates. Today is used to create beautiful designs for wear, or other home uses.

Kikoy Fabric

Kikoy Fabric

This is the tradition in which Kenyan-born-Parisian-based Eva Rogo-Lévénez, Founder and Creative Director, designs the clothing. Her designs are created “with passion to transform the body of any woman into value using pure, simple lines.”

I had an opportunity to meet Eva at one of the events I attending during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Presentations. She had recently returned to Paris after debuting her colorful “Pathway” collection at the National Opera Center for America during New York Fashion Week. Below is just a sample of her collection which is due to be available locally later in the Spring.

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