H&M Conscious Collection

Many people tend to automatically group the idea of fast fashion into a movement that goes against all that is green and sustainable. Why is this?

Well, first of all fast fashion tends to be inexpensive since it is for the most part produced in countries such as China, where labor laws are unregulated and morality does not seem to be a top concern for the people running the businesses. And secondly Fast fashion, as the term describes itself, refers to designs that move from the runway to retail stores in a rapid manner, quickly capturing fashion trends by releasing numerous collections per season. This also means however, that they will exit just as rapidly…

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So H&M is releasing a sustainable collection? How ironic, what a paradox, one would think.  Sustainability however, does not relate to one sole aspect of a business, its aim is to achieve environmentally, socially, and economically favorable conditions in our markets. So while fast fashion might generally not be considered an exemplar participant of sustainability, it is clearly making a step in this direction.

The eco-friendly line being launched is a result of the cooperation between the Swedish retailer with the sustainability think tank and publication EVER Manifesto, founded by Elizabeth von Guttman, Charlotte Casiraghi, and Alexia Niedzielski. The collection will be made available in 150 stores around the globe and  includes garments made of organic leather and silk, along with other sustainable materials. These items will all have CleverCare labels- these provide customers with cleaning instructions that are environmentally friendly!

The collection overall seems bobo-chic, with loose silk blouses and embellished as well as lace dresses. The colors used were also very different from the neutral colors typically paired and associated with all that is “green.” This collection includes vibrant colors modeled by the supermodel Amber Valletta and the pricing of this collection starts at a reasonable 12.95 USD!

Who said eco-friendly clothes had to be expensive? I guess we are definitely moving forward very quickly. Sustainability is becoming available to the masses and is looking great!

By Carla


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