H&M gets them all!

This week’s news at the Coachella music festival will have delighted many of us: Alexander Wang is going to design a collection for swedish fast fashion house H&M. Many of us who don’t have spare money on their bank accounts will be happy to hear about that as the usual designs by Alexanders Wang to do not exactly come cheap. Wang will design not only a clothing line for men and women but also accessories.


Alexander Wang & H&M annouce their collaboration

A collaboration as this one with Alexander Wang is not new for H&M as they have collaborated with many different high fashion designers before him to bring some high fashion glamour to each and every one of us.


Picture from the Versace & H&M campaign

Before H&M signed Wang for this year’s fall/winter collection many other high fashion such as Martin Margiela or Versace designed for H&M. These collaborations were all very successful for the swedish fashion house as every single person probably dreams about wearing a piece by Versace & Co. But just let me tell you this: Don’t be surprised if the designs aren’t as unique as usual and a friend of yours is wearing the same piece as you do. Because after all we are still talking about a high fashion brand. The only difference to the usual collections is that someone else signed his/her name on it as well. However, that doesn’t mean the designs will last a lifetime, count more on wearing them one season!


Maria Freundlieb

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