Food truck fever gets its own festival

With the arrival of sunny days, there has been the outbreak of  funny vehicles called “food trucks” that travel around the streets of Paris to nourish hungry Parisians during their lunch break.Each month a new concept of food on the go emerges crazier than the last one. Sweet or salty, the range of food offered by these uncommon trucks vary from mexican to the classic american burger. Vegan falafels, veggie tacos, sushi-burgers, the options are also sure to please every palate. The most famous spots are Cantine California, Camion qui fume, Grilled, Frenchie to go, Sunken Chip, rice & beans … These addresses that make Parisians salivate are so in vogue that at entire week end is dedicated to the art of street food.



The first street food festival in Paris is held from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of April at the Wanderlust, one of the trendiest areas of Paris, which is known to focus on the terrace of the most anticipated events of Parisian life.




The foodista inside me decides to fast for the all day and go to this temple of street food on Saturday night. Once there, the Wanderlust turns into a tide of hungry people pushing and shouting for their coveted food tray. Victim of its success, in a few hours the stands start to go out of supply: no more tortillas for the tacos, no more change in the registerers and so on. Hopefully, some trucks managed to improvise by replacing their tortilla by a hamburger bun, even though it goes again their own concept, people were please enough to finally eat something that looked like an actual sandwich and not some meet and a few veggies in a plate with no  cutlery.




Wanderlust : 32 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

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