Beyond Skin: ethical bride


A dear friend of mine, Crystal, from New York, has been planning her wedding since June of last year. What makes Crystal special is her effort to be an ‘ ethical bride’. Crystal introduced me to this new phenomenon which is actually very popular. This group of brides are dedicated to finding resources and ideas to have an eco-friendly wedding, websites suggest inspiration, eco suppliers, ect… As she was telling me many of the cool concepts she had discovered, she mentioned a shoe brand called Beyond Skin who is 100% vegan.

This immediately sparked my interest. I proceeded to research this brand to find out more. Beyond Skin was born back in 2011 in London. After having noticed that finding both stylish and cruelty free shoes was impossible, the brand set out to bringing stylish contemporary footwear to eco-conscious fashionistas.


Top actress Natalie Portman was spotted wearing the vegan shoes at the Golden Globs and at the Oscars which brought much attention to the brand. They were then featured in magazines such as Vouge, Elle and Grazia, and won awards which includes PETA Proggy, Vegan Society and Drapers.


As a result of high demand, Beyond Skin created a high end luxury line called Sui Generis. All shoes are manufactured in Spain and attend many industry trade shows to increase brand awareness.


Crystal picked out an amazing shoe from their new bridal line. I definitely will be looking at the brand when my time comes around.


By Camille Riviere

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