Game of Promotion

The probably most recognized and watched TV show at the moment is Game of Thrones. A show about different characters, who all want to rule. One of them has three dragons, the next one is a psycho king and not to forget the rebellious little girl warrior. So this show has it all and many people just couldn’t wait for the new season to begin. To even boost this excitement about the show, what can be better than one of the characters stripping down for a GQ shoot? The one, who decided to pose in front of the GQ camera is Nathalie Dormer, an actress, who already played the role of the seductive woman in the series “The Tudors”.


Nathalie Dormer

In the series “Game of Thrones” Dormer plays Lady Margaery Tyrell, a princess who will be married to the psycho king Joffrey. As she is a new member of the cast it is only understandable that she has to do some self promotion, isn’t it?


Dormer in her role as Lady Margaery Tyrell

60.079.166 60.079.169

Dormer for GQ magazine

And I bet the male fans of “Game of Thrones” will definitely pay more attention to her story from now on and who knows what the new cast members for this season will do to get that extra bit of attention.


Maria Freundlieb


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