Statement Pieces


This past week was Sydney Fashion Week and I have been following the street style trends. Things seem to be on par with the rest of the world, and I have noted a lot of graphics on clothing, something that has been trending for a while. It started on t-shirts, one of the best known being the “You Can’t Sit With Us” tee. But now we are starting to see text on shoes, skirts, dresses, etc. And from what I can see, this is trending more than ever. It has even made it to Australia. I would say that t-shirts are the most common, but it is definitely cool to see text appearing in other places like shoes. What is even more interesting is that some of the t-shirts make a statement, such as “Reject Racism” or Kenzo’s “No Fish, No Nothing”. Fashion is about making a statement, and that is exactly what is happening with these graphic tees. And just like my new t-shirt says, this is definitely “très cool”.

040714_Street_Style_Tommy_Ton_Sydney_Fashion_Week_slide_02040714_Street_Style_Tommy_Ton_Sydney_Fashion_Week_slide_08 040714_Street_Style_Tommy_Ton_Sydney_Fashion_Week_slide_022

040714_Street_Style_Tommy_Ton_Sydney_Fashion_Week_001 040714_Street_Style_Tommy_Ton_Sydney_Fashion_Week_003



By: Alessandra Trifero

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