Dubai Fashion Forward

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Dubai Fashion Week is something of the past. Does it even ring a bell to you?… I didn’t think so. Its successor however, Dubai Fashion Forward, is proving to be quite differently successful.

This three day event held in Dubai from the 10th to the 14th of April exists in the aim to expose emerging designers of the Middle East to buyers as well as media from around the globe. This showcase of regional talent is promoting both the talent as well as  the economy of the region.

“With the Dubai Design District in place and the vision for Dubai Fashion 2020 announced, we see the Middle East emerging as a place that buyers, designers and media will look to as a viable and serious market to invest in, not just somewhere the occasional exotic designer will emerge from.”- CEO and founder of Dubai Fashion Forward, Bong Guerrero.

It is now the third season of Fashion Forward and the event is flourishing as it continues to provide emerging designers with the opportunity to interact, share, and engage with key players on a global scale. A few of the Middle Eastern labels present from the first season of the event include Amato, Essa Walla, Ezra, KAGE, The Emperor 1688 and Zayan The Label.

This year’s latest event presented an impeccable list of buyers ranging from Bloomingale’s to Anthropolgy, to Saks Fifth Avenue, among others! What more could these young talents ask for?

Let’s hope that this compelling opportunity can give rise to new and interesting trends and designs on an international level while continuing to boost its countries’ economies.

By Carla

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