Be & D “Big City” Sneakers : The Chic Alternative


The sneaker trend is quite possibly my least favorite ever. But with the trend in full force, I came across Be & D’s “Big City” sneakers and I think they might make this trend a little bit more chic.

Be & D is an accessories line, which carries handbags, scarves, sneakers, and shoes. Steve Dumain, the Creative Director and founder of the accessories line is a native New Yorker who studied International Business, Spanish, and Art. While living abroad he discovered his love for sculpture and art. He eventually moved back to the U.S. and after working in the film industry, launched Be & D in 2004.

Be & D was actually ahead of the game, launching their “Big City” sneakers in 2012, during the Isabel Marant wedge sneaker phase. These sneakers are unique in that they use art to create an illusion of one part sneaker and one part high-heeled pump. The sneakers come in different colors and are canvas with stiletto pump silkscreen print on the upper and rubber sole. Although the pump may be the most popular, they also have other silkscreen designs including guns, skeletons, and hearts. The price ranges from $128 – 158, definitely cheaper than the basic Chanel sneakers.


Big City - Black/Fuschia

Big City – Black/Fuschia

Walking on Guns - Red Glitter/ Black

Walking on Guns – Red Glitter/ Black

Walking on Guns - White/Black

Walking on Guns – White/Black

My best friend wants our group to buy a pair and match. Although I like the concept behind these designs, I, myself am still debating on whether to buy a pair. But, the one pair that is really tempting me is the “Big City Punk”. They’re definitely more chic than your average track runners.

Big City Punk

Big City Punk

By: Julianne Bagley

Photo Cred: & their Facebook page

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