N Y Armani


New York City, also known as the big apple. Although Paris, Milan and London are known for their craftsmanship, New York has succeeded in colliding art with creative advertising, design and the digital media. This week the cultural program organized a trip for a group of AUP students to visit New York City and meet with different marketing and communication agencies.

Having a strong interest in fashion, I was obviously enchanted by the visit held in the Giorgio Armani showroom in the meat-packing district. The team was nice enough to take us through some of the company’s characteristics. The communications director raised the environmental issue and highlighted some of the steps GA are taking to further support this cause.


After getting home I decided to research some of the causes supported by Giorgio Armani. Although I found a number of charities which the brand donates money for, I also stumbled across some not-so-haute couture information.

According to GoodGuide.com, a website which provides the world’s largest source of information on environmental, health and social impacts of consumer products, the Armani brand is far from the top. GoodGuide uses a scale from 0 – 10 to rate products and companies. The rating combines product and company information to characterize a products health, environmental and social impacts on the environment. The best products rate 8 and above, and the worst rate 4 and below. Here are some of the ratings for Armani:

–       Emporio Armani: 3.6

–       Armani Collezioni: 3.6

–       Giorgio Armani: 3.6

–       Armani Exchange AX: 3.6

According to GoodGuide, the company’s environmental policies, practices and performance place it among the worst 50% of companies.

Like many other brands, Armani is not perfect, however it has huge room for improvement which I hope it will make in the years to come.


By Camille Riviere

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