Lipstick | A New Shade for Glamour, a brand new beauty website from the editors of Glamour, launched today at 10:00 am. I hadn’t heard anything about this launch, but then again, I have been on vacation for the past few weeks and disconnected from the internet…

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.30.44 PM from Glamour

So why is Glamour launching a beauty site? It’s not like the internet needs another beauty site (there 816,000,000 hits when I google ‘beauty blogs’). I first read about the site on What caught my attention, were the two sentences regarding profitability from the site:

Additionally, there will be an e-commerce space for editors to link their favorite products to Glamour’s third-party vendor, Shop Glamour.

While there will be “clearly labeled” sponsored posts as well, Hofman noted that the staff would be made up of Glamour’s print and digital teams.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 7.11.49 PM from Glamour

So through advertisements, sponsored posts, and driving traffic to their e-commerce site, could this be a new revenue stream for magazine’s digital space? receives around 7.5 million visitors a month, but what portion of that goes onto their beauty section is unknown. Even if a 1/10 of the traffic visits the beauty site and makes a $50 purchase through shop or get a third party kickback from Sephora, will be sitting pretty happy. Especially when they count revenue from their ads and sponsored posts.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 7.12.18 PM from Glamour

So is Glamour’s beauty site more than just providing tips & tricks and telling people the difference between BB, CC and whatever creams? I’m sure other magazines will be looking at how well this Condé Nast spin off site works in the long run and maybe we will see some new beauty/accessories/clothing/other mini-sties pop up soon 🙂

— Eloisa Puentes

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