Twins for Peace: Shoes to Put the World on the Right Foot


Here’s a shoe that’s a step in the right direction: Twins for Peace, a French shoe company, takes the infamous Tom’s Shoe company’s  “buy one, give one” concept and doubles the impact.

Not only do they give a shoe to a community in need after each purchase, but they also research that particular community to assess how they can be the most helpful. They then use that same community site to employ local producers to make the shoes, and invest in its education and healthcare systems to help break the poverty cycle.

I can’t say I’m not impressed.

To ensure that they are serving the communities in the best way possible, they establish partnerships with strong, credible local foundations who know the ins and outs of the community’s needs. One of their current collections, GACHA, is made in collaboration with the Jean-Felicien Gacha Foundation in Cameroon, and it employs local women at fair trade labor. The shoes from the GACHA collection are hand embroidered and beaded, using the local craftsmanship that is dying out with modernity. In order to preserve this artisanal tradition, Twins for Peace created this collection as an opportunity for women to train others in this craft. Percentage of sales go directly to the foundation (though I’m curious to know exactly how much).

So far, the company has donated shoes to Brazil, Mozambique, Colombia, India, and Tanzania.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.28.33 PM

Twins for Peace proves that ethical fashion can exist without sacrificing the aesthetics of the product. The shoes are brilliant, stunning, and stylish. In my opinion, it seems like a good pair to put the world on the right foot.



By: Ruby Veridiano

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