The Tale of Time.

Have you ever noticed in watch advertisements how the time is always set to 10:10?  If you hadn’t, don’t worry because neither had I until I read and researched more.  I wonder why advertisers select that time to display. Finding new and innovative ways to create watch advertisements is probably difficult.  The ads we see with just a watch on the page is rather boring I think.  So between Chanel and photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, they have really come up with something unique.  It has been over a decade since Chanel launched an institutional watch campaign.  According to WWD, there will be 15 double page advertisements next to black and white images of women and men with watches whose hands are used to mimic the time on the watch.  Pretty clever don’t ya think? The campaign’s tag line is “L’Instant Chanel,” and was unveiled at the most recent Basel world watch fair in Basel, Switzerland.

The watches are from Chanel’s Premiere, J12 and Mademoiselle Prive collections.

Photo Taken from

Photo Taken from


Photo from

Photo from


In one of the photos we see model Sharam Diniz hanging from two black rings above the see. If you look to the right half of the advertisement we see a J12 watch with its hands set to 6 o’clock. Both the model and the watches hands are creating a straight vertical line.  In all the photos from the campaign, the watch hands are set to mimic the models particular angle or pose.  Just a quick tid bit about model Sharam Diniz.  She was born in Angola-Luanda and has Portuguese nationality. In 2012, she was won Best Model of the Year in Fashion Luanda. In 2013, Sharam made the cover of Vogue and the May GQ in Portugal. I’d say she is off to a good career! She has been nicknamed the new “Black Panther” in the business.

Philippe Mougenos, president of Chanel’s watch and jewelry division reflects on the campaign to WWD and states, ““It is a concept that is a bit different from what is usually in the market, which is relatively conservative in terms of communication.”

I can’t wait to see all the pictures from this campaign.  I really like the thought process behind it and think it is really eye catching, compared to most of the watch advertisements we see out there.


Alexandra Swies

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